Wearable Airbags For The Clumsy, Elderly

September 25, 2008


Japanese manufacturer Prop is now selling wearable airbags for old folks and people who just can't stand for long.

Its newly announced personal, wearable airbag looks like a cool fanny-pack and weighs a mere 1.1 kilograms (2.4 pounds) -- but springs forth in one-tenth of a second when sensors detect you're headed for the floor, protecting your head and ass with two inflated bags that contain 3.9 gallons of gas each.

Unfortunately, safety comes at a price. And that price is $1,400. Are grandma's delicate bones worth the cost? Hint: Duct tape and pillows.

Wearable airbags keep the elderly from hitting the ground so hard [engadget]

Thanks to Julian and Ross, who both threw themselves down the stairs wearing bubblewrap jackets and lived to tell about it.

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