Watermill Provides Drinkable Water From Air!

September 30, 2008


The Watermill is a glorified dehumidifier that pulls water from the air and purifies it to drinking quality.

Inside air is up to 70 times more polluted than outside air. The WaterMill is installed unobtrusively on the outside of your home, using outside air, so it won't dry out the air you breathe in your home. And don't worry if your outdoor air is less than pristine - even if you live in a crowded city, the Watermill's filtration system ensures your drinking water will be clean and free of toxins and bacteria - more pure than tap water or even spring water.

The WaterMill provides you with:
* clean, fresh water for drinking and cooking
* up to 12 liters of water per day
* a sustainable, elegant appliance for your home

Sound too good to be true? No, not really. Like I said before, it's just a dehumidifier with an ultraviolet sterilizer attached. Fun fact: ultraviolet sterilization isn't an effective form of long-term birth control. Hello child support!

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Thanks to Dan, who's holding out for a BeerMill.

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