Wait, What?: An Underwater Lake

September 26, 2008

So apparently there are lakes of super-saline water at the bottom of the ocean.

During the Jurassic period the waters here were shallow and became cut off from the ocean. The area soon dried out, leaving a thick layer of salt and other minerals up to 8km thick. When ocean water returned after the region rifted apart, the super-saline layer at the bottom of the Gulf became an underwater lake. Now brine, which is continually released from a rift in the ocean floor, feeds the lake.

Now I know what you're thinking -- there has got to be magic involved. But you're wrong, my friend. This is pure sorcery.

Hit the jump for a longer David Attenborough clip about the lakes.

Lakes... 650ft Beneath the Waves! [environmentalgraffiti]

Thanks to Ben, who once took a girl skinny dipping in the middle of winter and didn't shrink an inch.

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