Uh-Oh: Government Fears Terrorists Are Plotting Attacks In Online Worlds

September 16, 2008


A researcher at the Pentagon recently gave a presentation at the Director of National Intelligence Open Source Conference explaining how terrorists could potentially plot attacks by meeting in a virtual world.

In it, two World of Warcraft players discuss a raid on the "White Keep" inside the "Stonetalon Mountains." The major objective is to set off a "Dragon Fire spell" inside, and make off with "110 Gold and 234 Silver" in treasure. "No one will dance there for a hundred years after this spell is cast," one player, "war_monger," crows.

Except, in this case, the White Keep is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. "Dragon Fire" is an unconventional weapon. And "110 Gold and 234 Silver" tells the plotters how to align the game's map with one of Washington, D.C.

Great, like I didn't already have enough to worry about in World of Warcraft. Now that I'm on terrorist patrol, I may never get a mount. Whatever happened to good old fashioned D&D terrorism?

Hit the jump for two pictures explaining how you can use a game's map to help plot an attack.



Pentagon Researcher Unveils Warcraft Terror Plot [wired]

Thanks to Christian, who once plotted an awesome keg party in Sims.

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