Turn Your Scooter Into A Mobile Hotspot

September 5, 2008


Is your scooter just not geeky enough for you? How about turning that bad boy into a mobile hotspot?

This how-to shows building instructions for putting together a scooter that doubles as a roving wireless hotspot, GPS device, pirate radio station, and even has enough juice to amplify an electric guitar in order to play songs over the web.

Awesome! The only thing you have to watch out for, based on the look of that monster antennae, is spinal cancer. Trust me on this one, I don't break into the hospital and steal patients' meals because I'm not a doctor. I do it because I'm hungry and my wife couldn't cook to save the last living dinosaur.

Wireless scooter lets you wardrive from the fast lane
Build yourself a scooter that doubles as a roving hotspot [dvice]

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