The Legend Of Fashion: Painted Link Shirt

September 8, 2008


Geekologie reader and soon to be eBay Power Seller Vahn painted a Link t-shirt and is now selling it.

The painting was done with high quality artist acrylic paints, with textile paint medium to adhere the paints to the fabric. It was been coated with a safe acrylic varnish so the paint doesn't come off with gentle washing, and it has been ironed for permanence. I did use some metallic paints, so the art is not completely flat.

The bidding starts at $10 and there is a reasonable $4 shipping charge. Unlike some of the asshats on eBay that sell shit for $0.99 and then charge $20 shipping. In unrelated news, my girlfriend once bought a clock from the thrift store, then donated it back. Then bought it again. Then donated it again. Then bought it again. Then I freaking smashed it.

Hit the jump for a close up of Link's mug as well as a link(!) to the auction.


eBay Auction

Thanks Vahn, I bid a bazillion dollars.

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