Teddy Bear Phone Actually Being Made?

September 2, 2008


Willcom recently displayed a new phone at the 2008 Good Design Expo in Japan. But it doesn't stream classic 70's porno flicks or have a built in taser. Nope, The Kuma Phone just comes in the form factor of a teddy bear. The sick thing is the company actually wants to make the damn things, at $500 a pop.

It has a SIM card inside just like a real cell phone, and even stores four speed dial numbers, accessed through paw-squeezes. Awww. It vibrates and makes noises when you have incoming calls. When you get a call, just answer by gripping the bear's tail and end the call in the same way.

Awesome! One time I dropped a bunch of acid on a camping trip and a squirrel spoke to me. You know what the old and wise Rococo The Acorn Eater said? He said, "the meaning of life lies within the bear's nads". So, by deduction, the meaning of life is either monster testicles or, uh, cell phone parts.

Teddy Bear concept phone is just wrong [slipperybrick]

Thanks to Silver Sided, who once spoke into a Grizzly's balls and can now levitate and turn invisible at will.

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