Sure, Why Not?: Cardboard Cat Playhouses

September 19, 2008


These fold-it-yourself cat playhouses from suckUK are made from grade-A cardboard and there is no way in hell my cats could fit through that little hole in the top without utterly destroying the thing. But if you have small cats, each one costs about $27, making them some of the most expensive pieces of soon-to-be shredded cardboard I've ever seen. Seriously, if you love your cats and want to get them the nicest playthings, do what I did and get them all Power Wheels. Oh, hold on. "Jimmy, what did I tell you about running over the dog's tail? Haha, yeah, you want to be going full speed. Good kitty."

Product Page

Thanks to Phil, whose pets dine exclusively on Dom Pérignon. Drunk pets are the best pets!

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