Further Proof: Money Doesn't Buy Class

September 10, 2008


Thought the gold Porsche and Burberry Maserati were bad? How about a pink camo Bugatti Veyron? I know, I think I just shat in my mouth a little too. The Veyron (and green camo Rolls Royce Phantom after the jump!) are both owned by Nigo, the ban behind Japanese clothing line Bathing Ape. Fortunately, if there is such a thing as fortune in this case, the eye poison is actually the result of vinyl wraps (like the Maserati) so you can rip the hideous off before you sell it to someone else. Man, I can't wait till I'm a rich a-hole with no class. I've already got classless asshole down pat, now I just need the rich. I'm coming for you, bank!

Hit the jump for the camo Rolls and an unrelated camo Porsche.



Bugatti Veyron by Bathing Ape in Pink [luxurylaunches]

Thanks to Jackster, who, along with Jillster, hurt himself tumbling down a hill.

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