Robotic Spider To Destroy Liverpool On Friday

September 3, 2008


A 50-foot robotic spider, which has been sitting dormant on the side of an office building since last night, is going to come alive on Friday and destroy the everliving shit out of Liverpool.

Weighing 37 tons and standing 50ft high, the spider is currently clinging to the side of Concourse Tower in the city.

The huge insect spotted in Liverpool is in fact entirely mechanical and part of a new piece of street theater organized to mark its year as Capital of Culture.

It is thought the insect will come down from its current position tomorrow and then 'wake up' on Friday before starting to explore the city.

Tens of thousands of visitors are expected in Liverpool over the three days to try and see the mechanical arachnid.

Make that tens of thousands of soon to be dead visitors. Seriously, would you rather take your chances trying to catch a glimpse of a giant robotic spider or, I dunno, live? You're still gonna go see it aren't you? Haha, I can read you like a graphic novel.

Hit the jump for several more pictures of the last thing a buch of Liverpudlians will ever see.



50-Foot Robot Spider Plans to Attack the UK on Friday [gizmodo]
The 30ft mechanical spider terrorising Liverpool [dailymail]

Thanks to Romeo, beefytee and Jimmy, who are thankfully all safe in Candyland.

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