More Phone Calls From Beyond The Grave

September 19, 2008


Okay, last time it was text messages, but still. Apparently close family members of Chuck Peck, a passenger who died on impact as a result of the recently crashed Metrolink train, received 35 calls from him the night of the accident.

It is logical to assume that the phone calls were the result of a technical malfunction and not supernatural forces. And, as far as I know, there has been no analysis of the condition of the cellphone itself. But consider this--all 35 calls were made to close family members only: his son, brother, sister, stepmother and fiancee.

Holy crap that is freaky. And sad. But to cheer you up, I've got a similar, happier story: A roommate of mine got killed by a city bus but still managed to order 4 XL pepperoni pizzas to the apartment. Just kidding, I stole his credit card before they deactivated it.

LA Train Victim Makes 35 Phone Calls From Beyond the Grave [gizmodo]

Thanks to Matt, who once sent an email from beyond the birth.

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