It's About Time: Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

September 16, 2008


There's nothing worse than nagging your mommy to pack you a really good lunch only to have it stolen by some dick of a coworker. Enter the Anti-Theft Lunch bag, a Zip-Lock with moldy looking splotches printed on both sides. Created by designer Sherwood Forlee, you can email him to be notified when the bags become available for sale. Or, I dunno, make your own. Another option is to just bring two lunches so if somebody eats one you've still got a backup.

UPDATE: Who the hell steals two lunches?

Hit the jump to see what a sandwich looks like inside. Spoiler: Moldy.


Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

Thanks to Matie and Frank, who both protect their lunches the old fashioned way -- with explosive booby-traps.

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