Fun!: Child-Eating Dinosaurs At Museum

September 3, 2008

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has a new exhibit in which children (and those of us that refuse to grow up) can interact with living dinosaurs. And by living dinosaurs, I obviously mean a guy dressed up in a costume. Speaking of which, were any of you inappropriately touched by Goofy at Walt Disney World circa 1986? I'm trying to get a lawsuit together. Anyway, check out this dinosaur costume -- it's similar to the ones they use for that Walking With The Dinosaurs show. Long story short: it's freaking sweet and I want one. Because nothing would make me happier than donning a dinosaur suit and ravishing my neighbor's car in a fit of carnal lust. Seriously asshole, stop Jurassic Parking that lemon in front of my house.

Hit the jump for another video with a couple more dinosaurs.

Wearable Dino Suits That Look and Move Realistically [techeblog]

Thanks to Ryoma, who once punched a T. Rex's teeth out.

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