About Time: Company Aims To Fight Robots

September 18, 2008


Weapons Against Robots (WAR) is a company started by internet millionaire Ben Way (not to be confused with ballmaker Ben Wa) as a means to defend humanity against the inevitable robot uprising. The company will "combat the potential threats posed by artificial intelligence through the creation of anti-robot weaponry, detection and monitoring of robots, and use of anti-robot viruses. Way believes that, as AI is increasingly used in warfare and defense, it is prudent to ready countermeasures in the event, not only of an enemy's use of robotics, but that an intelligence's programming goes awry."

Sounds good to me. Maybe WAR and FUBOTS should join forces. What do you say, Ben? I hate those evil mothers with a passion. Even more so since I lost my girlfriend to a vibrator.

Defense Firm Prepares to Terminate the Terminators [io9]

Thanks Brad, I may actually get some sleep tonight. But my anti-robot bat is still staying under the pillow.

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