Yummy!: Krispy Kreme Makes Grass Sandals

August 19, 2008


Krispy Kreme, best known for their heart-stoppingly delicious glazed donuts is now making grass sandals. Wait, what?

Krispy Kreme questioned over 1,000 UK workers and found that over half (53%) of urbanites believe their stress levels are affected by a lack of contact with Mother Nature. In response to the problem Krispy Kreme has created the world's first grass flip-flops to bring summer magic to the city - giving stressed out workers a (literal) spring in their step by creating an instant grassy park underneath their feet regardless of their urban location.

Each sandal has over 5,000 blades of grass and can last up to 4 months if properly watered and cared for. I'm getting a pair, I'll let you know how they work out.

UPDATE: The neighbor let his dog shit on my freaking sandals and didn't even pick it up. So when he goes on vacation this weekend I'm putting the end of a garden hose in one of his basement windows and flooding it. Glazed donut flip-flops FTW!

World's First (Living) Grass Flip Flops [responsesource]

Thanks Crystal, I saved the last donut for you.

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