Yes Please!: Samus Aran's Zero Suit

August 18, 2008


As a guy who was raised on Metroid and just finished Corruption on the Wii last week, I have a special fondness for Samus Aran. And it's not just that sexy beam-cannon she sports either, although it certainly helps. Well, here's the same chick (whose name is Jenni Källberg and actually made the suit) that we saw previously in the entire Varia suit, but this time sporting Samus' more basic Zero Suit. Which, incidentally, I got to see at the end of Corruption because I went for 100% completion. I probably wouldn't have though if a friend hadn't told me I'd get to see her naked. That guy, such a prankster. I choked him to death with the nunchuck cable.

Hit the jump for several more pictures of the second love of my life (behind Zelda).







Pixelninja (Jenni's personal art and cosplay page)
Samus Aran (Zero Suit) - Metroid Prime Cosplay [larcho]

Thanks to Andy, who swears he's seen Samus naked.

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