Windows 3.1 Windows Not Vista Compatible

August 21, 2008


John Nouanesing, the same designer behind the drippy paint table and Geekini has come up with a clever window treatment -- Fenêtres 3.1 (Windows 3.1). As you can see, they make your windows look like Windows 3.1 windows. And, if it's particularly crappy looking outside, you can pull down the blue screen of death shade (seen partially pulled in the right photo). You just better hope the neighbor's kids don't accidentally throw a ball through them, because then you'd have broken Windows! Or, if they're not sealed properly, you could get -- wait for it, wait for it -- bug-filled Windows! Haha, I am so freaking wanting to kill myself right now.

Brilliant window design looks just like Windows 3.1 [dvice]

Thanks to Andrew, king of harvest. And broken windows.

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