Vulcanus Casemod Weighs More Than Yours

August 22, 2008


The Vulcanus casemod was designed by Czech blacksmith Sergej and forged in the depths of hell. The whole freaking thing is made from hammered steel weighs in at over 110 lbs. Impressive, Sergej, but not as impressive as my case. It's a little something I like to call my PB Case. Get it, instead of PC it's PB because I made it out of lead. Oh, hold on. Damnit Jack, what did I tell you about chewing on daddy's computer? That's right, it's delicious. Now let your sister have a bite.

Hit the jump for some closeups that really show the thing off, along with a video that reminds me of a satanic porno I watched in high school.





vulcanus: heavy metal casemod by blacksmith [technabob]

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