USB Hub + Torn Up Graduation Gown = USB Hub Monster, Kids Afraid Of The Computer

August 28, 2008


Want to make your own USB Hub Monster? It doesn't look very hard. You just take a regular hub, add a bunch of USB cables with armature wire taped to them, and then tear up the college graduation gown you keep in the closet but break out every year during graduation and wear to the bars to score free drinks, tear that sucker up, wrap the hub and legs, and presto: a, um, USB Hub Monster! Add red LED eyes for a real monster-y effect. Or, add some beef flavor to make it something your dog will tear up, like it wasn't going to anyways.

Hit the jump for one more picture of the monster in use.


USB Hub Monster
Monster USB hub is a scary scarecrow for your PC [slipperybrick]

Thanks to SilverSided, whose USB hub came to life one night and had to be beat to death with a bedside table.

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