Um, Yeah: A Questionable New Energy Drink

August 5, 2008


Well folks, it happened. Somebody went and named their energy drink after a slang term for a woman's nether region. Or a cat. The one that starts with p and ends with ussy. Yep. This is almost as bad as the German Poontang Juice.

(Our product) is unique. It is made with a blend of fresh white grape juice from Southern Italy, pressed Mexican limes and lightly carbonated water. These are then mixed with Grenadilla and Lychee flavours, infused with six selected botanical herbs.

The name Pussy shocks and demands attention - that's the point. Inhibition is a recipe for mediocrity.

Oh really? Well it looks like you may have settled for a little mediocrity yourself there, Pussy. Because I just concocted my own drink, and Assf*** is gonna take the energy supplement market by storm. From behind.

Hit the jump if you really want to see the can without the censor bar, and a link to the product page.


Product Page

Thanks Gabor and Beefytee, wanna try a can?

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