The Geekini: Mash Those Buttons!

August 18, 2008


Similar to the gaming bra we saw before, the Geekini is an NES controller in the form factor of a bikini top and bottom. It's recommended you have a female wear the peripheral, but you can put it on yourself if you're pathetic as hell or have a women's bikini fetish. Just a heads up though: if you do manage to get your girlfriend in it, do not, I repeat, DO NOT throw her through the television if you lose a game. You scored a chick that's willing to wear a game controller bikini and let you mash her boobs. Hold on tight, and also, flat screens are expensive.

Hit the jump to see the whole bikini and where they placed the SELECT and START buttons. Spoiler: The vaj.


Press Your Girl's Buttons In The Geekini [complex]

Thanks to Zeke, who's an ass man and wants to see a butt rubbing peripheral.

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