The AirKick Gets You High, Wet

August 25, 2008


If you live in Germany you can rent an AirKick for an undisclosed amount of bratwurst. The human catapult (not to be confused with a human trebuchet) is capable of launching thrill-seekers 26 feet to a watery landing.

The participant sits in a specially constructed seat at the back end of the catapult arm and 3,2,1...Liftoff. He sets the device in motion himself by pushing a button. Approximately 60 liters of water are then forced through a rocket nozzle under the seat.

Awesome! I'm having them send one over here for testing, I'll report back.

UPDATE: Greetings from the ER! Not for use in the mall parking lot.

AirKick Human Water Catapult [ballerhouse]
AirKick human catapult slam-dunks brave riders [dvice]

Thanks Eric and Pat, but you could have warned me you know.

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