The 2008 Olympics: Now In LEGO Form

August 15, 2008


This is the Olympic village made entirely out of LEGO. It was recently on display in Hong Kong to get everyone excited about the games and contains over 300,000 blocks and 4,500 minifigs. Hit the jump for a whole bunch more, including a damn good looking Water Cube. You know, I was so inspired by the work that went into this that I decided to write my congressman about getting a medal above the gold awarded in the Olympics. This medal, of course, would be LEGO. Pretty great idea, huh? Well that's what I thought -- but you know what he wrote back? "Stop writing me about all your stupid freaking ideas." Can you believe that? He said the exact same thing about the possibility of getting my likeness on a coin. What a dick!

Hit it for a bunch more.









Exclusive Beijing Olympic 2008 Lego Models [startupmeme]

Thanks to Dan, who's going for a world record of 8 plastic medals in one Olympics.

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