Star Wars Wedding: A Match Made A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away....

August 7, 2008


This is a picture from a recent Star Wars themed wedding. They went all out, and every single person at the ceremony was dressed up as a character or in Star Wars fashion. The marriage was even officiated by Princess Leia herself. Which totally explains why the groom decided to rock a Mon Calamari mask -- he was ogling those boobies during the ceremony! Well played sir, I like your style.

Hit the jump for a couple more MUST SEE pictures, including photographic evidence of my claim, the sweet AT-AT cake and Ewok cupcakes, a pretty wicked Han Solo, the obvious mother-in-law, and a much larger picture of Leia, you know, because I love you guys. There's also a link to the Flickr gallery, which contains over 1,200 photos of the event.

UPDATE: And did anybody else notice the freakish similarity between this picture and the Comic-Con picture in the So Freaking Cool section to the right?








Flickr Gallery (with over 1,200 photos)
this star wars wedding is so good, i'm considering the idea [technabob]

Thanks to Jenny The Bloggess for reminding me just how lame my ninja turtle wedding was. Psyche, it blew this shit out of the ooze.

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