Spiderman Costume Replica On eBay

August 4, 2008


There's a pretty realistic looking Spiderman costume for sale on eBay right now. I'd bid on it, but the seller doesn't look very trustworthy (81.3% positive feedback). So if you do bid, be warned: they'll probably only send you a stained bedsheet.

This costume is one of the best replicas out there. 1 piece suit just like the movie. Made of great quality stretch lycra which has had the movie pattern printed directly into the fabric. Printed through process called dye-sublimation. Fabric color saturation is great and very movie realistic. Features muscle shading and brick pattern on the whole suit. Has complete brick pattern in the blues which is in most prints and replicas is lost in the darker shaded areas.

Eye frames are made from gun metal gray resin. The lenses are 3 layers. a layer of clear plastic, a layer of super fine metal mesh, and another layer of clear plastic. The also have an airbrushed gradient around the edge to give that "movie look".

Photographs great. 3D Webs are 2 layers of acrylic. 1st black then silver laid over the top to give a movie accurate look. Features 3 zippers. 2 that go down and meet in the center under the belt and one on the back of the head. Aqua shoe sewn in would fit someone w/ around size8-11 shoe size. Suit made to fit someone around 5'7'-5'11 w/ an average build.

The bidding is already at $1,000 with more than six days remaining, so it's probably gonna go for a small fortune. Which, honestly, isn't worth it just to have a cool Halloween costume. For that kind of money the damn thing better let me crawl up buildings. Or at the very least make my Spidey senses tingle. I'm talking about my loins. Now that would be a Spiderman suit. Now who here knows how to sew?

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures, the last of which you have to see, along with a link to the auction.







eBay Auction

Thanks Jaden, but I'm holding out for a Batman costume. And it better work too, I think my girlfriend just bought a gun. Also, thanks to Alex for sending me the completely inappropriate picture of uni-tard guy.

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