Smart Goggles Help Find Stuff You've Lost

August 25, 2008


Smart Goggles not only make you look cool, they help find stuff you've misplaced.

To use the glasses, the wearer first wanders around a house or workplace for an hour or so, looking at the objects he or she may later want to find in a hurry. Each time the camera focuses on a object - such as a set of keys, a mobile phone or a purse - the wearer says the name aloud. The name is then recorded and stored into the memory.

Once the names have been programmed in, the glasses will try to find the right name for any object they come across. The names appear in small type on the viewfinder. If they are unable to recognise an object they make a guess and - if they get it wrong - learn from their mistakes.

At some point in the future, if the wearer is trying to find their keys in a hurry, they simply name the object. The glasses search its video memory and show its last known location on the display.

Pretty neat concept, but I don't need any help finding my phone or keys. You see, I keep the phone in my car's cupholder, and just leave the keys in the ignit....freaking crackheads!

The Smart Goggles that could make lost keys, mobile phones or iPod a think of the past [dailymail]

Thanks Lauren, and no, I haven't seen your virginity -- but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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