Shhhh!: Nintendo Silences Shigeru Miyamoto

August 15, 2008


Video game guru Shigeru Miyamoto (the man behind such franchises as Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and more recently Brain Age and Wii Fit) has been asked by Nintendo to not discuss his personal hobbies. Why? Because it reveals what Nintendo has in the works.

At least, that's the reasoning behind an item in The Times of London. The piece connects some dots -- Miyamoto loves puzzles, Brain Age follows; Miyamoto interested in exercise, Wii Fit is born; Miyamoto takes music lessons, Wii Music unveiled. And the writer, attributing to sources within Nintendo, says the third time was enough and Nintendo has asked Miyamoto to hush up about his interests.

Oh man, let's just hope Miyamoto isn't secretly one of those pervwads on the subway that tries to play grab-ass with unsuspecting women. Because, honestly, Cheek Cheek Ass Hand sounds like a pretty f***ed up game.

Ninty Forbids Miyamoto to Discuss His Hobbies [kotaku]

Thanks Beezy, now let's start spying on him.

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