Recreating The Mona Lisa In Less Than A Second....With A 1,100 Barrel Paintball Gun

August 29, 2008

In a demonstration at Nvidia's NVISION show, the Mythbusters used paintball guns to illustrate the difference between current CPUs and future GPUs. The CPU's stand in was a single paintball gun that repositioned itself after every shot in order create a picture. But the GPU was represented by an 1,100 barrel gun, which paints the entire Mona Lisa in a single blast. You can watch the first one if you want, but I'd just skip to about 1:30, when they unveil the real nasty mother. And don't miss the last 10 seconds of the clip, because they replay the shot in slow motion, and it's freaking crazy. Which, incidentally, so am I. Just don't tell her I called her that, she'd get pissed.

Mythbusters Build a 1100-Barrel Paintball Gun to Paint the Mona Lisa, Instantly [gizmodo]

Thanks to Kezzzs and Dan, who once painted the town red with alcohol in less than 5 hours, but both lost shoes.

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