Racing Across Azeroth In Real Life

August 26, 2008


Two guys made rigs that turns running on treadmills into their characters actually running through Azeroth. They made them by attaching a bike wheel with an optical mousepad and mouse to the treadmills. It's estimated that characters in the game run around 12MPH, but since the two didn't want to have simultaneous heart attacks, they rigged the system to only have to run 6MPH themselves for their characters to reach that 12MPH top speed. How did it work out? You'll have to watch the video after the jump to find out. But suffice it to say that even running at a paltry 6MPH, they were both dangerously close to myocardial infarctions. I hope all of you WoW players out there learn a valuable lesson from this. One about the benefits of performance enhancing drugs.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video of the race.




RL Race Across Azeroth [manapotions]

Thanks to Aaron, who actually was one of those guys (and I believe the guy behind Mana Potions), and Berry, who can beat Cheetah in World Class Track Meet using the Nintendo Power Pad and without cheating.

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