Questionable: Guy Makes 3-D Business Cards

August 8, 2008


Some guy named Emerson Taymor had himself some 3-D business cards made. It probably isn't a new idea, but hey, it's the first I've seen it. Regardless, I found them kind of questionable (even ignoring the goofy picture). Don't get me wrong: I love wearing 3-D glasses as much as the next guy that dropped acid with his bagel this morning, I'm just saying they seem gimmicky. But being the intrepid reporter that I am, I gave Emerson the benefit of the doubt. So I visited his website to find out what kind of act he performs for birthday parties that warrants such an unusual card, and hello placeholder! Wow Emerson, I don't even know if you can make balloon animals. But you have inspired me. To include a phone number on my business card that I may activate some time in the future.

Hit the jump for two more pictures of the 3-D cards in 2-D form.



3D Business Card [fubiz]

Thanks to Romain, who can make 4-D business cards.

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