Plastinkuzz: Questionable DJ Scratchers

August 4, 2008


Plastinkuzz are little stereoscopic cards that you scratch and allegedly sound like a real record. That, of course, is debatable. They're made by Art Lebedev, and come in a variety of color combinations, because that's important. Hit the jump to see said color options and a very worthwhile video that, if you make it all the way through, you win a prize. Now I hate to ruin a surprise, but your prize is one minute and twenty-eight seconds stolen from your life (kind of like "the Machine" in The Princess Bride, but far less cool). Seriously though, I've been playing the Plastinkuzz since I was a kid. Except back then we called them corduroys. I had the jacket and the pants.

Hit the jump for one more picture and a video you really should at least watch the first ten seconds of -- the second guy is hilarious.


Product Page

Thanks Derwin, but I'll stick to playing my pants.

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