OLD!: World Of Warcraft Gaming Rig Consists Of 47 Computers, La-Z-Boys, Pure Craziness

August 22, 2008


Apparently this rig has been out for awhile, so you may have already seen it. And if you have, you should totally leave a comment about how you rubbed one out to a Discovery Channel special about the thing like a year ago. Because that would be awesome. Anyway, for those that haven't seen it, this is a 47 computer setup for playing World of Warcraft.

47 PCs. 23 each for gameslah and his girlfriend, and one to act as a server. According to his post, only two of the machines have hard drives, the rest use PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) to boot over the network.

So yeah, gameslah and his girlfriend like to play as many characters at WoW as they can, and this is how they do it. Pretty sick, huh? I thought so. I've tried playing Counterstrike on two computers at once and actually did okay. Well, I was killing it on one computer, but I could only strafe and run in reverse on the other: dong not long enough to reach the W.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile pic of their actual gaming setup: two La-Z-Boys and 3 monitors each.


Extreme World Of Warcraft Game Rig: 47 PCs [wired]

Thanks Icon, now let's make a rig with 48 computers. Best gold farmers EVER!

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