Man Sells Last Respect For George Lucas

August 29, 2008


A man is selling his last respect for George Lucas on eBay, in the form of a Darth Maul figure.

Because this Darth Maul represented my faith in George Lucas (it was bought back in the heady days of 1999 when the words Star and Wars still brought to mind childhood dreams and wonderment), you are also bidding on the last morsels of respect I have for the once all-powerful, formally infallible bearded wonder. If you must know, the use of the woeful Wookie 'Tarzan' cry in Revenge of the Sith is the straw that broke the Bantha's back. It was almost unforgivable in Return of the Jedi, but to have it featured again in Episode 3 was just ridiculously [expletive] STUPID!

I've made so many excuses for George in the past - even to the point of suggesting that Jar Jar would be bearable if he spoke in an alien language with subtitles - but after witnessing the CGI monkeys and gophers in Indiana Jones and the UFOs, I've got nothing left for him (except for what this Darth Maul represents)... And to think of the rabid, blind hope I had towards the end of the 90s before I entered the cinema to see Episode 1...

Bidding starts at $10 Australian, but since the seller is a loyal Geekologie reader, he'll accept an old NES cartridge or a naked picture of....well, anything.

ebay Auction

Thanks Porl, I want half of whatever you get. I call left boob if it's a nudey pic.

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