Legit Looking: Handheld Super Nintendo

August 4, 2008


This is a handheld Super Nintendo made by some guy that frequents the BenHeck forums (Ben Heck being that guy that's always modding the hell out of controllers). As you can see, it's looking pretty sleek. Way sleeker than the portable Gamecube, and of equal sleekiosity to this Dreamcast. But how does it compare to its wooden brethren? Well that's up to your personal taste. And feel. Some pirates prefer a modern, plastic prosthetic when they lose a leg in battle, but I'm a purist -- pegleg all the way. Oh shit, and a parrot. Gotta have a parrot. And it should be able to cuss. And have a patch-eye and a tattoo of a naked mermaid. Otherwise, you aren't a freaking pirate, you're just an exotic pet owner with a missing leg.

Hit the jump for a couple more views, including one from the rear.



Handheld Super Nintendo gets our blood pumping [dvice]

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