I Knew It: My Childhood Sucked Without This Kidtropolis Magic Indoor Treehouse Bedroom

August 22, 2008


Kidtropolis is a company that makes childhood dreams come true, provided your parents shit gold nuggets. This is an almost finished "Magic Treehouse Bedroom" built for the luckiest kid alive. I mean, not only does the youngster get a treehouse, they get one in their bedroom. They probably have an entire Ewok village in the woods behind their house. Me? I don't even have a treehouse anymore. The town came and tore it down. Something about "not building treehouses on telephone poles". You know what I said? "Urban jungle, bitches, urban jungle!" I sure told them.

Hit the jump for a few more pictures of the awesomeness.




Kidtropolis' Magic Indoor Treehouse Bedroom [gizmodo]

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