Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Cake

August 25, 2008


Well folks, it's been a while since we've seen some Star Wars inspired deliciousness here on Geekologie, but at long last, the wait is over. A tipster sent in this Han Solo frozen in carbonite cake that his mom made for what was probably the kick-assiest birthday party ever. And as you can see, Han is looking delicious. I bet he'd go great with a "Solo" cup full of jungle juice! Get it? Because Solo is also a brand of cheap plastic cups. You know, the kind you play beerpong with. At sausage parties. Like the one I went to on Saturday. So yeah, whoever you were: I puked behind your couch.

Hit the jump for a couple close-ups of delicious Han.




Confectionary Delights

Thanks to Nevyn, whose mom actually made the cake.

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