Guy Builds Sons, Self A Wicked Treehouse

August 26, 2008


Steve Norris, vying for a Father Of The Year award, built an awesome treehouse for his two sons in a 58-year old silver maple.

It's equipped with electricity and cable TV. There's an intercom so Norris can talk to his kids if they're having a sleepover, and a urinal that drains into a pail beneath the structure.

A smoke detector is wired to the house, so family members can be alerted to any smoke, whether they're in the treehouse or not. A revolving light clicks on when the treehouse's trap door opens (where a rope ladder drops down).

The roof is sealed and welded on tight, and the floor is sturdy enough to hold an adult. Stephen sleeps in a loft bed, Ryan on a mini-futon and their father on a pull-down bed.

Haha, you got a smoke detector in your treehouse. Seriously though kids, I'm sure you could still smoke pot in there. Norris figures he put about $5,000 into the fort, and has it insured for $20,000 in case the market goes sour and he needs to burn it down and collect.

Norris wants to see his sons grow up with the treehouse, which he thinks will last about 15 years. "We're planted here now," he said.

ZOMG, planted, too funny! Make like a tree and get out of here!

Treehouse is envy of neighborhood [therecord]

Thanks to Brad, who was building a treemansion when it got hit by a tornado and carried to Oz, where he had the opportunity to bang a bunch of Munchkins, but declined.

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