Get Your Own Star Trek Captain's Chair

August 19, 2008


Looking for a way to flaunt authority in your household? How about a replica command chair from the original Star Trek series? Available for shipping in 2009, the chair will sell for around $1,000 and include lights and buttons and shit. I'm totally getting one.

UPDATE, 2009: Captain's log: a floater, almost takes up the whole bowl. Somebody take a picture of this thing. What do all these buttons do again? Which one do I mash to shoot photon beams? BEEP BOOP. Haha, choke on that, Khan. Now, somebody get some damn space wenches in here. The ones with spikey ears. Oh, and one with a ridge head, you know -- looks like a mountain range. Quickly, like warp speed -- and install a levitating stripper pole. In the meantime: Beam me up, Scotty. I'm talking Jim Beam, damnit, no ice. Here, you can use the same glass. The captain gets what he wants! Well I'm in the chair, aren't I? Mutiny my ass, I'll kill you all. PEW PEW, bitches, PEW PEW!

Hit the jump to see a comparison shot of the replica and original.


Star Trek Command Chair makes anyone fell like Captain Kirk [dvice]

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