Cool, Neato!: iHologram iPhone Application

August 25, 2008

iHologram for the iPhone is an application made by David O'Reilly that creates the illusion of a 3-D cat walking around in your phone.

iHologram combines anamorphosis and the iPhone's gyroscopes to achieve this awesome visual magic trick. Anamorphosis is a way to draw things distorted so, while watched at a certain angle, they pop out of the 2D surface as if they were real.

You have to watch the screen at 35 to 45 degrees at all times in order for the effect to work. And, also, keep the phone charged. It won't work with a dead battery. Or hooker. Speaking of which, can I borrow somebody's car for the afternoon?

3D App Turns iPhone into Window to Alternative World [gizmodo]

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