Cat Born With Four Ears, Named Yoda

August 20, 2008


Some cat in Downers Grove, Illinois (just west of Uppers Orchard) was born with four ear flaps. So what do you name a cat with four ears? That's easy -- Barfly. But then you let your son pick another one and he chooses the name of that creepy green goblin from Star Wars.

Ted and Valerie Rock first spied the little guy in 2006 at neighborhood bar on the South Side of Chicago before a Bears game. He was the last of a litter of eight put up for adoption by the bar's owner.

But the Rocks, who had lost their cat of 20 years just 6 months prior, saw something special in the gray kitten and decided to take him home.

Their "Star Wars"-loving son thought to name the cat after the tiny Jedi master.

"I had named him Barfly," Rock said. "But we kind of liked Yoda better, and Barfly lasted only about a day."

Apparently the abnormality can cause hearing problems, but Yoda has checked out fine and lives a perfectly normal four-eared life. Well, if that isn't the most heart-warming story of the day. I swear, my heart almost feels like it's on fire. And, hello -- my left arm just went numb. Oh fu

: Whew, false alarm. Sorry to scare you folks, but the ticker's just fine. It was the Double Diablo Burrito I had for breakfast. And my arm? Ha, I had forgotten I was prepping it for a Stranger.

Yoda the Cat Astounds With Four Ears [foxnews]

Thanks to Bryan, Sam and Kathryn, who were all born with four of something else. Limbs!

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