Buy It For Me!: Every NES Game Released

August 12, 2008


There's an eBay auction going on right now for an NES and every game ever released in a gray cartridge (no golden Zeldas), along with two that never were (California Raisins and Final Fantasy 2)!

This is it! Every NES cartridge ever made in a gray cartridge. About half the games have the instruction manual. This auction also includes a complete NES System with mint everything, including the posters and warrantee. A boxed Four Score with 2 extra controllers is also included, plus everything else you see on these pics. This feat took me years and thousands to complete. This is my most prized collection which I do not want to give up, but I have some serious family issues where money is needed now.

The auction has a Buy It Now price of $3,800, and, seeing how I am turning 14 today, I thought all you loyal Geekologie readers might want to band together and help me buy it. Seriously, if every one of you just donates a dollar, then I'll only have to cover $3,500 myself.

Well folks, the blogging is done, time to hit the streets! Literally -- I'm gonna have to sell myself for an hour to afford birthday shooters. See you all tomorrow!

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a link to the auction.




eBay Auction

eBay Watch: Every NES Game Ever Released [techeblog]

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