BEEP BOOP BEEP: Ultra-Rare R2-D2 Fridge

August 27, 2008


This R2-D2 fridge, one of only 1,000 given away at Japanese 7-11's back in 2002 as a promotional prize for when Attack of the Bones came out, is now for sale by ToyEast. The trashcanny droid can both cool and heat your meat, but asking price is a staggering $1,070. So yeah, a little out of my price range. But I did just call up a Jawa buddy of mine and told him I'd pay upwards of $40 for one in good condition. Then I threatened to gouge those glowing eyes right out of his freaking head if he doesn't make it happen. Shifty little bastard stole my toaster once.

Hit the jump for one more picture of the handsome devil.


rare r2-d2 fridge for sale: one cool droid [technabob]

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