UPDATE: 8 People Buy $1,000 'I Am Rich' iPhone App, Now With Video Tour!

August 11, 2008


Armin Heinrich made a $1,000 iPhone application called "I Am Rich" that doesn't do anything but open a picture of a glowing red gem. That way, nobody will feel bad about stealing your phone. And, God willing, punching you in the teeth with a car.

The app displays a glowing red gem on a user's iPhone screen for the sole purpose of proving to onlookers one is of the moneyed class. That's all it does.

You know, there are a lot better ways to let people know you're rich than a damn iPhone application. Including, but not limited to: grillz, throwing money from your car, and getting your member gold plated and/or diamond encrusted. But the real sick part of this story is that 8 people bought the application before iTunes pulled it. And you know what? IT WAS ME 8 TIMES! Suck it, peasants!

: Video tour of the app and a link to a hacked version after the jump thanks to Tony, who may or may not be in the mob.

Hit the jump for several more pictures, a video tour, and a link to the hacked app. You're rich!



'I Am Rich' iPhone App Removed After 8 Bought It [foxnews]

Hacked App
A Guided Tour of the 'I Am Rich' iPhone App [gizmodo]

Thanks to Sam and Leon, both rich with life. Also, The Superficial Writer, rich with felonies.

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