Your Own Tyrannosaurs Rex Fossil Replica

July 21, 2008


STAN was a Tyrannosaurus Rex that lived over 65 million years ago. In his heyday he probably banged tons of other dinosaurs, and, quite possibly, a woolly mammoth or two. But now he ain't banging shit but the wall at the Black Hills Museum of Natural History in South Dakota. That poor bastard, no cavemen to eat or nothing. Anyway, you can get a life-sized replica of his skeleton for $100,000. Now I know what you're thinking, "For 100K I better get to choose his damn pose." Well you do. They can make him standing, walking, running, jumping rope, driving a car, or humping your entertainment stand. I want mine chewing the head of my ex-wife. And also, shooting pool. Seriously though, $100,000 is way too much freaking money (this guy is only $56,000) for a damn skeleton replica. For that kind of dough I want the real bones. And there better be some good marrow left so I can clone that mother. Then I'll open the world's first 2-star, sex with dinosaurs resort, Jurupinthatassic Park.

Today must be your lucky day, I posted the 'Getting High With Dinosaurs' music video from The Whitest Kids U'Know because it's stupid as hell and I've always wanted to smoke with a pterodactyl.

Tyrannosaurus Rex STAN Skeloton Fossil Replica [ohgizmo]

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