Windows Mojave: Vista In Disguise

July 29, 2008

This is a hidden-camera video released by Microsoft in which they had Vista naysayers that had no previous hands-on experience with the operating system take their latest OS, Windows Mojave, for a test drive. But it was really Vista in disguise! HIYO, that's an M. Night Shyamalanian twist right there! I'm not saying the people ended up looking like idiots in the end, but, well, they did. Okay, now I know what you're thinking, "That infernal Geekologie Writer is promoting Windows!", but this is not the case. The Geekologie Writer endorses no product!

UPDATE: Turns out Microsoft is advertising on the site. Which makes sense seeing how they the make the best damn operating systems on the planet! Also, Hondas are safe and reliable, not to mention great looking and fuel efficient (check out their new zero-emmission FCX Clarity). Lastly, Geekologie is typed exclusively on an HP laptop (it really is), and Mountain Dew: Code Red, despite personal, contradictory evidence, doesn't really make your dick shrink.

The Mojave Experiment

Thanks Popadopolis, now lets do something similar with Hardee's Thickburgers!

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