Well, At Least He Drives A Prius Ad Campaign

July 11, 2008


This is a ad from a campaign designed by the Bed & Breakfast Advertising Agency for Toyota's Prius. It uses the tagline "Well, at least he drives a Prius" as if driving a Prius makes up for tossing a body in the river (which it totally does). There are two more after the jump, including a guy chatting it up with a hooker, and some dude's wife making out with the gardener. Man, I freaking love good advertising. Seriously, this is how you sell products, folks. Sometimes I wish I had gone into advertising, I'm always coming up with stuff like this. Like, oh oh -- I've got one. Okay: it's a picture of a pasty, overweight guy lying on a sofa. He's got a laptop resting on his chest. The keyboard is Cheeto stained and the desktop background is some chick with monster gazongas. His two-inch member is hanging out the fly of his boxers and the caption at the bottom reads, "Well, at least he writes Geekologie."

Hit the jump for the other two ads.



Toyota Prius Campaign - Prostitute, Lover, Killer [trendhunter]

Thanks Romeo, we should totally start our own ad agency.

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