Using A Laser-Etch Machine To Brand Yourself

July 2, 2008


What you're looking at is a picture of a guy's hand. A guy who stuck said hand into a laser-etching machine and used it to brand a robot image into his skin. There are a bunch more laser-etch tattoos/brands after the jump if you're curious what burnt skin looks like, so check them out. There's also a video and link to the instructables detailing how the guys did it and what the experience was like. Which, to me, looks a little tamer than when I got branded with a heated coat hanger freshman year of college. My leg scabbed to the bedsheets when I passed out that night. Then I woke up the next day, developed an infection, slipped into delirium, and woke up two days later when my friends were taking me to the hospital. It was a crazy semester, but I still managed to pull out a solid 1.57 GPA. Skills: I've got tons. Brain cells: not so much.

Hit the jump for a VIDEO, more pictures and the links. And yes, it's a true story.





Laser Tattoo [instructables]
Guy Uses Laser-Etch Machine to Tattoo Himself (Verdict: Flaming Nutcase) [gizmodo]

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