Toyota Prius May Get Solar Panel Treatment

July 7, 2008


Toyota already plans to roll out a plug-in version of the Prius in 2010, and now there are rumors of the company installing solar panels on upcoming models. The panels, if they do become a reality, won't power the engine, but rather the air conditioning, stereo, windows, television, coffee maker, massaging seat covers, etc. As you can see from the artist's rendition of the new Prius, Toyota will likely go with one large solar array protruding from the vehicle's roof. Kidding, I just made that in Photoshop. It does look good though, doesn't it? Strap a wind turbine on there somewhere and you've got a real green-machine. Say, that gives me an idea. Picture of new Solar-Wind Prius added after the jump. But don't worry Toyota, you can just pay for the idea in, well, euros. Lots of them.

Hit the jump for a picture of a Prius Toyota hasn't even thought of yet.


Toyota Prius may get solar panels [tgdaily]

Thanks to Popadopolis, who lives in Arizona and says it's so hot he doesn't even need solar panels to brew coffee and pop pop-tarts in his car in the morning.

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