Tetris Ice Cubes Keep Drinks Cold, Gamey

July 16, 2008


We've seen Tetris shelves, mirrors, decals, waffles, and even another set of ice cube trays, but here comes another. Because, well, I love Tetris and I love drinking. Both hold a very special place in my heart. A place I go when my wife starts blathering about the rough day she had at work and I'm trying to tune her out.

tetris + ice cubes = icetris

Thanks Shawn and Mary, now lets play a game. It's called Drinktris, and we'll make up the rules as we go along. Rule 1: Drink. Rule 2: Something to do with Tetris. Oh, I've got it -- shapes. So we drink and call out shapes. I'll start. *gulp* Orange. Okay, your turn Shawn.

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