Telling Time With Colors: The Galaxy Watch

July 2, 2008


Well it's been a little while since we've posted some sweet time-telling gadgetry, so I figured now is as good a time as any to hit you with Tokyoflash's newest offering -- The Galaxy.

The cryptic looking display is deceptively easy to read; one touch of the upper button initiates a programmed animation of light, and then presents the time. Twelve yellow bars represent hours in a clock wise direction, eleven red bars represent groups of five minutes and four green bars show single minutes. Pressing the lower button presents the time immediately. No ordinary design, Galaxy has a modern look with futuristic style.

The Galaxy retails for ¥13,900 ($133, and free 5-day worldwide shipping) and is just the icebreaker you need to talk to that chick at the bar you've been wanting to. "Hey, wanna know the time?" "No." "But look at my watch, it's the awesome." "Oh my goodness, it is! Now do me on the pool table." Well that's the way it goes in my dream anyway. You know, the one where I wake up with a cue in my thing. You know, the around the corner thing. Back thingy. My ass, I'm talking about my ass.

Hit the jump for another picture. Oh, and I just got a couple Tokyoflash watches so expect reviews in the coming weeks -- complete with pictures of my hands and wicked scars!


Tokyoflash Galaxy

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